Modern equipment and doctors of the highest category will help you to determine the exact diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

In-depth examination

IMPORTANT! A prophylactic appointment with an ophthalmologist is recommended for all adults and children once a year.

We rarely go to the doctor until we start to worry about our health. However, some dangerous eye diseases may not manifest themselves. Therefore, diagnosis is necessary to make sure that everything is in order with your vision, or to start treatment on time.

Diagnostic examination in our clinic includes:

Measurement of the magnitude of the spherical and astigmatic components of refractive errors in diopters;

Examination by a doctor of the fundus with a dilated pupil with a Goldmann lens.

Measurement of corneal thickness

Measurement of intraocular pressure;

Measurement of visual acuity;


Measurement of the curvature of the cornea in its main meridians;

Measurement of the anatomical parameters of the eyeball;


Ultrasound of the eye

Optical coherence tomography


2 500 KGS

Diagnostic examination

Diagnosis and consultation with a doctor

1 500 KGS

For the disabled group

Reduced admission fee for the disabled group

1 500 KGS


Reduced Admission Fee for Senior Citizens