How to test your vision at home?

Now, especially in quarantine, you should not forget to check your eyesight and your children’s. And if a violation is detected, contact a specialist immediately.

It is enough to use the well-known table of Sivtsev and Orlova, just do not need to memorize them.

This table contains lines of printed letters (12 lines in total), the size of the letters decreases from line to line from top to bottom. On the left of each line, the distance from which a person with normal vision should see them is indicated (50.0 meters for the top row; 2.5 meters for the bottom row). The value (in conventional units) is indicated on the right of each line – this is the visual acuity when reading letters from a distance of 5 meters (0.1 if the eye sees only the top row; 2.0 – if the bottom row is visible).

Normal vision (1.0) – when a person sees the tenth line with each eye from a distance of 5 meters.

Download table: Sivtsev table

What to do with the table?

  1. Print on A4 sheet
  2. Position the sheet so that the 10th line (the line above the gray stripe) is at eye level.
  3. The distance between the eyes and the table is at least 2.5 meters. measure distance
  4. Turn on good lighting in the room, the table should be evenly lit.
  5. Cover one eye with something opaque (do not close your eyes!)
  6. Name characters in strings. Remember the bottom line where the characters are named correctly.
  7. It is important not to squint (but to open your eyes wide), not to protrude.

If you printed a larger or smaller table, don’t worry. When you check our Excel table, simply enter the height of the letter in the first line or the height of the strip in the Orlova’s Table in millimeters.


If the child does not yet know the letters, then you can check his vision using another table – Orlova.

Download in good quality: Orlova’s Table

The principle is the same, but instead of letters, there are objects and animals familiar even to the baby.

The assessment of vision is somewhat different, since children have age norms. For example, at 4 years old – 0.4, and at 7 years old – 1.0. If the eyes see differently, this indicates a violation.


Download Excel document: visual acuity calculation table.

At the very top you will find two columns – for two eyes. Enter your data into them and get data about your vision as a result.

Of course, this technique does not claim to be highly accurate, and a visit to an ophthalmologist is necessary to get a complete picture. But still, to detect a clear decrease in vision, they are more than suitable.