Laser eye surgery: we will restore vision in 15 minutes!

People with good vision, of course, do not understand what people feel who wore glasses or lenses for decades, and then got rid of them forever in 15 minutes, practically seeing the world again, in all its bright colors and the smallest details! LASER EYE SURGERY is the most effective and fastest way to eliminate myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism, and the results of treatment after laser eye surgery remain unchanged throughout life!

There are several methods of laser eye surgery, namely PRK, Lasik, FemtoLasik and ReLEx SMILE, which allows a personalized approach and the choice of the best option, taking into account all the features of the visual system identified during the diagnostic examination. The Ophthalmological Laser Center uses the first three, and regardless of the type, the laser eye surgery procedure itself takes about 10 minutes. The total time spent in the “Ophthalmological Laser Center” is about one hour, and the patient goes home the same day! And most importantly, in most cases, immediately after the operation, vision begins to fully recover and people, without exaggeration, see the world anew, in a new light! “Of course, people are just overwhelmed with emotions, especially when they leave our clinic on the street and clearly, with all clarity, they see the clouds, the birds in the trees, the faces of passers-by…” And according to tradition, accompanying the patients with their eyes to the car and seeing this reaction, the doctors and employees of the Ophthalmological Laser Center themselves are charged with positive, receiving enormous satisfaction from the results of their work. “These are the most wonderful moments in the life of an Ophthalmological  surgeon,” says Dr.Remesnikov Igor Aleksandrovich, who has been restoring good vision to people for 30 years. “There have already been more than 40,000 such moments in my life, because I have performed so many operations, but seeing the joy of patients who have gained good vision does not bother me.

This gives meaning to life, gives strength to work on,” says Dr.Igor Aleksandrovich.

And since we are talking about specific Ophthalmological  surgeons, it’s time to note that

The “Ophthalmological Laser Center” has no analogues in Kyrgyzstan in terms of the professional level of ophthalmological surgeons and technical equipment! World-famous Ophthalmological  surgeons, candidates of medical sciences, members of the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), Kim Vladimir Ukhenovich and Remesnikov Igor Aleksandrovich operate in the clinic. We are especially proud of the innovative operating and diagnostic equipment, the capabilities of which are reminiscent of science fiction films about the distant future. In the “Ophthalmological Laser Center” all operating and diagnostic equipment is from the world leader and the “freshest”, that is, the latest generations of lasers! This atmosphere of exclusivity and futurism is felt by everyone who enters the clinic for the first time…

In the “Ophthalmological Laser Center” the wonders of technology begin at the stage of diagnostics, which is mandatory before laser surgery on the eyes. The clinic is equipped with the latest generation diagnostic devices: Oculyzer II and Topolyzer VARIO (WaveLight AG, Germany).

Examination on them is the “gold standard” of diagnostics before laser eye surgery. Not even all ophthalmological clinics in Turkey and India, which are favorite medical tourism destinations for Kyrgyzstanis, have equipment of this level! Such equipment is used in leading clinics in Western Europe and the USA, and in our country the only clinic that has them is the Ophthalmological Laser Center. By the way, if the features of the eye identified during the diagnostic examination indicate the preference for the ReLEx SMILE method, then the results of these examinations at the Ophthalmological Laser Center are accepted by the partner clinic in Kazakhstan – Almaty Smile Vision, also providing a discount on ReLEx SMILE to all those examined at the Ophthalmological Laser Center “.

These two studies on the Oculyzer II and Topolyzer VARIO devices are a dual diagnostic control to ensure unparalleled safety and accuracy of laser eye surgery. All the information received on the structure of the patient’s eye is transmitted via a local integrated system to the operating laser, and since each eye is unique, like a fingerprint, errors such as “mixed eyes” are absolutely excluded during laser eye surgery: if the wrong eye is in front of the operating laser, smart The device just won’t turn on! The same two studies also reveal the individual characteristics of the visual system, which make it impossible for laser surgery on the eyes of vision. And in such cases, implantation of phakic intraocular lenses will help you, which also takes only 10-15 minutes! As you can see, eye microsurgery today is a matter of minutes! And the residents of our country no longer need to travel abroad to receive the highest level of ophthalmological care: you can get it at the Ophthalmological Laser Center! Do not delay the realization of your dream of good vision, come AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!