Publication in “Zhit Zdorovo(Live healthy)” magazine, October 2018

Vision improvement in one day?! No, in one hour!

Modern Ophthalmological  surgery resembles frames from science fiction films about the distant future: a person lying on the couch was corrected in a couple of minutes by an error-free, computer-controlled robotic laser … But these are no longer fantastic dreams, but ordinary everyday life of the world’s ophthalmological clinics equipped with the latest technology . One of them, the Ophthalmological Laser Center, has opened in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of this year. We emphasize once again to clarify: in terms of technical equipment and professional level of ophthalmological surgeons, there are no analogues of this clinic in Kyrgyzstan!!!! Why? Yes, because between the slightly outdated laser equipment (albeit very worthy clinics) and the latest models of lasers, which only the Ophthalmological Laser Center is equipped with, there is a whole abyss! Indeed, in high-tech medicine, significant changes occur even in a month, which are embodied in each subsequent generation of lasers, the models of which are updated every year. And in the “Ophthalmological Laser Center” all operating and diagnostic equipment is from the leader in its production and the most “fresh”! This atmosphere of exclusivity and futurism is felt by everyone who enters the clinic for the first time…

Most Ophthalmological  surgeries today take place in the “one day” mode (Day Surgery): the patient goes home the same day. But to be absolutely precise, it is rather a “surgery of one hour”, because the average duration of an operation on the eyes is 15 minutes! The total time spent in the clinic is about one hour. “Surgery of one day” is very convenient, especially for working patients or those who can come to the city for just a couple of days. And most importantly, in most cases, immediately after the operation, vision begins to fully recover and people, without exaggeration, see the world anew, in a new light!