“Take care of your eyes, because there are no spare ones!”

“Take care of your eyes, because there are no spare ones!”, — mothers say to their children, watching their too active games. But the ability to see is also perceived by adults as a given, and only vision problems make one think about its role, about the unique structure of the eyes and their fragility. We, at least sometimes, go to preventive examinations to other doctors, but which of the normally seeing people has “their own” ophthalmologist? When was the last time you looked into the eye office? But there are such eye diseases, for example, glaucoma, which at first do not have obvious symptoms for you, but which a qualified ophthalmologist will immediately notice. Meanwhile, due to the general immersion in phones and computers, the load on the eyes has increased several times in recent years, so now every second has “dry eye syndrome”, and even cataracts, which are defined as an inevitable age-related decrease in vision, are now much “younger”. We often ignore obvious symptoms, such as redness of the eyes, itching in the eyes, pain in the eyes, a feeling of sand in the eyes, temporary blurred vision. Even when the eyes hurt quite noticeably, we still self-medicate, drip some droplets, and are in no hurry to examine the eyes. But a complete diagnosis of eye diseases in a couple of minutes and laser vision correction in 15 minutes, for those who are tired of glasses and lenses, is no longer a fantasy about the distant future, but ordinary everyday life of ophthalmological clinics equipped with the latest technology, such as “Ophthalmological laser center”. Laser vision correction is the restoration of vision with a lifelong result for most people with problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Also, laser methods of retinal treatment, implantation of phakic lenses and cataract phacoemulsification with an intraocular lens take little time. As you can see, eye microsurgery today is a matter of minutes! And the residents of our country no longer need to travel abroad to receive the highest level of ophthalmological care: you can get it at the Ophthalmological Laser Center! Do not delay the realization of your dream of good vision, come and SEE FOR YOURSELF!