We seek an individual approach
to each of our clients.
The specialists of our clinic do not work
according to a template, they will select a treatment plan
that is right for you, taking into account all
the features and subtleties of your case.
Diagnostic examination
Diagnostic examination in our clinic includes:

Measurement of the magnitude of the spherical and astigmatic components of refractive errors in diopters

Examination by a doctor of the fundus with a dilated pupil with a Goldmann lens

Measurement of corneal thickness

Measurement of intraocular pressure

Measurement of visual acuity


Measurement of the curvature of the cornea in its main meridians

Measurement of the anatomical parameters of the eyeball

2 500 KGS
Diagnostic examination
A thorough, comprehensive examination and consultation with a doctor
1 500 KGS
For the disabled group
Reduced admission fee for the disabled group
1 500 KGS
Reduced admission fee for the disabled group
Laser eye surgery


The technology of full laser surgery on the eyes, with the formation of an ultra-thin corneal flap 90 microns thick by a femtosecond laser (only on Alcon FS200 !!!) and vision correction already on the second, excimer laser. The procedure is performed using personalized technology for myopia of any degree, astigmatism, hypermetropia with the accuracy of achieving the planned result.

  • Manufacturer Alcon (USA)
  • Latest technology in keratorefractive surgery
  • FDA approval
  • Procedure without hospitalization
  • Possibility of performing laser eye surgery on both eyes at once
  • The shortest recovery period
Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery
Price for both eyes:
from 84 000 KGS
Cataract treatment

Cataract can only be cured with surgery! To date, the modern method is the removal of cataracts using laser and ultrasonic surgical devices and the implantation of an artificial crystalline lens – an intraocular lens (IOL).

Our clinic is equipped with a modern Alcon Centurion™ phacoemulsifier, and a wide selection of IOLs manufactured in India, Switzerland and America is offered as an artificial crystalline lens.

Cataract treatment
37 000 KGS
The safest cataract surgery
Quick recovery after surgery
Tools from global manufacturers
Vitreoretinal surgery

The Constellation Vision System is the latest development of Alcon (USA), one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for Ophthalmological  surgery.

The Constellation Vision System Ophthalmological  system is used for operations with various pathologies of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye»

Vitreoretinal surgery
Price for both eyes:
from 84 000 KGS
Price for both eyes: